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EUA organises 2nd EAHEP Round Table on the Bologna process and Europe-Asia cooperation (1-3 July 2009)

The second EU-Asia Higher Education Platform (EAHEP) round table was hosted in Brussels last week and welcomed Asian and European higher education leaders from over 30 different countries.

This was the second round table of the two-year EU-funded Platform which followed several interregional dialogue workshops on themes such as doctoral education, joint degrees, and partnership building between Asia and Europe.

Bringing together more than 100 participants in the European Commission Charlemagne Building, the event tackled international dialogue generated from the Bologna process, the European higher education reform process that has attracted increasing attention from higher education systems in other parts of the world. The purpose of the event was to share the European experience of regionalisation, and reflect on parallel developments in Asia both at system and regional level.

Panellists from the ASEAN region and countries such as Pakistan provided current information on regional cooperation initiatives and national investment programmes to build the HE and research sector and fight brain drain. Working groups tackled the Bologna mechanisms of quality assurance, mobility/recognition and qualifications frameworks from a bi-regional perspective, where Bologna promoters and experts in these fields from different Asian countries such as Malaysia, Japan and the ASEAN University network shared practice.

International research cooperation was highlighted as a key point of the future ASEM Education process and other cooperation platforms. The meeting was also the opportunity for discussions on the 2nd ASEM Rectors’ Conference, which is due to take place in Asia in 2010.

The EAHEP project has also opened registrations for exhibitors at the next European Higher Education Fair, to take place in Bangkok from 30 October to 1 November. This will be held back-to-back with a symposium and an EAHEP workshop on regional quality assurance developments.

EUA/HUMANE Open seminar: How to diversify income streams? (16-17 October 2009, Madrid, Spain)

EUA and HUMANE (Heads of University Administration Network) will organise an open seminar on income diversification in Europe’s universities that will take place in Madrid on 16-17 October 2009.

Organised in the framework of the EUDIS project, this two-day seminar will gather senior university administrators from across Europe to discuss the important topic of financial sustainability. EUA will present the preliminary findings of its ongoing EUDIS survey on the different elements of diversification of income and funding in universities. The seminar will also include thematic sessions to enable participants to exchange and share best practices for sustainable funding.

The EUDIS project aims to map the status of income diversification in European universities and seeks to provide useful examples of best practices.

Register now for the event online. 

Senior administrators who would be interested in sharing their experience on this topic are also invited to contact EUA at

Bologna process and the recognition of professional qualifications

EUA monitors European-level developments at the interface of the Bologna process and the EC Directive (2005/36/EC) on the recognition of professional qualifications.

The most recent update has just been posted on the EUA website. In addition to coverage of the EU institutions, the update reports on the recent activities of academic, professional, regulatory and student bodies, with particular reference to the sectoral professions (medical doctor, dentist, general care nurse, midwife, veterinary doctor, pharmacist and architect).

Its review shows that concerns over the splitting of long integrated qualifications are now less in evidence, although not necessarily because they have been allayed. Instead, the focus has shifted to a debate on competences, recognition of prior learning and continuing professional development. Calls for the revision of the Directive have become more explicit.

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UNESCO 2009 World Conference on Higher Education: EUA Conference report

More than 1,000 representatives of governments, international bodies, and higher education institutions and organisations gathered in Paris for the 10-yearly UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education (5-8 July 2009).

The themes that dominated the conference agenda reflect many of the same issues that have unfolded in Europe at a rapid pace in the last decade, such as internationalisation/globalisation, lifelong learning, international/regional quality assurance, sustainability, access and equity, and research and innovation as the foundation of knowledge economies.

In addition, a large focus of the meeting was higher education’s role in the developing world, and the need for governments and donors, as well as UNESCO, to continue to drive the development of a viable and responsive higher education sector in Africa in particular. Institutional capacity building via North-South and South–South partnerships as well as the crucial role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), online education delivery, and ‘cross-border’ delivery in meeting the demand for higher education were also at the centre of discussions.

In reference to Europe’s experience with the Bologna process, which has unfolded in the past ten years in between UNESCO world conferences, African leaders and institutions affirmed their commitment to fostering an African Higher Education Area, which featured in the final communiqué of the event.

EUA also participated in the UNESCO event, sharing a stand in the exhibition with partners ENQA and the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR) to highlight the importance of its work to an international audience.

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More reports on the conference are available on the University World News website.

Registrations soon open for Fourth European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF)

EUA is pleased to announce that registrations will soon be open for the Fourth European Quality Assurance Forum that will take place on 19-21 November 2009 at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark.

Following the success of previous fora, this year’s event – again co-organised by ENQA, ESU, EUA and EURASHE – is ‘Creativity and Diversity: Challenges for quality assurance beyond 2010’.

The EQAF has become a landmark event for all higher education stakeholders working in quality, including higher education institutions, students, quality assurance agencies, governments and intergovernmental organisations as well as researchers in higher education.

To find out more about the event programme please visit the EQAF website.

Registrations will open in mid July and more information will be available in the next EUA newsletter in September 2009.