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IEP Programme goes from strength to strength – annual induction seminar in Copenhagen

Launched in 1994 as a strategic tool for change in higher education institutions, EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) continues to go from strength to strength.

So far, nearly 200 evaluations (including repeat evaluations and follow-ups) of more than 170 universities in Europe and worldwide have been carried out. These evaluations seek to strengthen institutional autonomy and strategic capacity and support quality development in universities. The IEP methodology is one of most widely tested among international evaluation programmes currently available to universities.

The programme takes place over a whole academic year, through a self-evaluation process resulting in a self-evaluation report, two site-visits and a final evaluation report by the EUA team that includes specific recommendations. In addition, the IEP programme enables each university to choose - within the global institutional perspective - one particular issue that will constitute a special focus of the evaluation (e.g. internationalisation, implementing Bologna, research strategy, student support services, e-learning).

The 2007/8 round of evaluations kicked off last week with the annual Induction Seminar for the experts who will visit and evaluate the universities during the year. More than 90 participants attended this event, which took place from 27-29 September at the Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. New members of the IEP pool of evaluators received an introduction to the programme, its values and methodology, while all experts were updated on recent developments in higher education and discussed practical issues such as interviewing techniques and formulating recommendations. The event also provided the pool with an opportunity for developing lasting relations as a basis for effective team work. The IEP also has a new steering committee that is chaired by Helena Nazaré (Rector, University of Aveiro, Portugal).

Thanks to its unique methodology, the programme is extremely flexible and useful for both individual universities and evaluations of national or regional systems. EUA conducted recently an audit of research activities in Grenoble, France, and is currently working on two national exercises: the first one is being carried out in Portugal and the second is a review of the higher education and research capacity in Slovakia, aimed at developing Slovakia as a knowledge society. A total of 23 Slovak universities are being evaluated in the course of this system review.

Applications for the 2008/2009 round of evaluations will begin in May 2008. To find out more about EUA’s IEP, please visit the EUA website or contact Violeta Atanassova at the EUA secretariat.

Please note that an information session on the programme will take place at the EUA Autumn Conference in Wroclaw.

Responsible Partnering between Research and Business: Progress and Challenges in Effective Collaboration and Knowledge and Technology Transfer

Special Conference, Lisbon, 3-4 December 2007

This Special Conference aims to take stock of the current effectiveness of R&D collaboration and knowledge and technology transfer involving research and industry; assess how well recommended good practices are working; and map out where further improvements are required and how these can be achieved.

The Conference is co-organised by four associations, EUA, EIRMA, EARTO and ProTon Europe, who developed and promoted Responsible Partnering, and bring together key players with strategic and operational responsibilities for the effectiveness of research collaborations. Held in Lisbon during the Portuguese presidency of the European Union, the event’s findings are expected to benefit all stakeholders, including national governments and the European Commission.

For the conference outline programme please click here.

Expression of Interest in Participation should be sent to Gemma Jackson by 31st October 2007.

University Participants should be currently engaged in research with business partners and/or have strategic responsibility for collaborative R&D, technology acquisition and knowledge exchange between public and private sectors. A brief summary of the present research collaboration should be provided (one page). Given the limited conference places, attendance is by invitation only. Invitations will be issued by 9th November 2007 (via e-mail).    

EUA Autumn Conference in Wroclaw, Poland 25 - 27 October 2007: Last chance to register

Registration for EUA’s 2007 Autumn Conference "The Governance of European Universities post 2010: Mission Diversity, Autonomy and Accountability", hosted by the Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland, will close on 15 October.

Please register now to avoid disappointment.

This is the first of two EUA conferences exploring the changing nature of governance of European higher education. It takes as its starting point the Lisbon Declaration, which highlights the necessity for increased university autonomy and adequate funding to respond to European societal challenges. Discussions in Wroclaw will focus on the different elements of autonomy and accountability in the changing relationship between the university and the State.

The conference will consider the relationship between key European policy processes and national frameworks, analysing the impact on institutional governance in an environment where mission diversity is rapidly increasing. The two working group sessions will explore, respectively, the issues of autonomy and accountability, and their implication for institutional governance. The conference will conclude with an examination of cooperation and diversification across the sector, and the changing relationship to the State.

In addition to the Conference programme, EUA members are invited to the General Assembly which, in addition to other matters, will address the governance of EUA and discuss the potential amendment of the EUA Statutes.    

More detailed information on the event.