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Prof. Rolf Tarrach

Professor Rolf Tarrach was rector of the trilingual University of Luxembourg since 2005 – a position that he held for ten years. He was born in 1948 in Valencia, Spain, studied Physics at the University of Valencia and obtained his PhD from the University of Barcelona. He subsequently served as a postdoctoral researcher at CERN, Geneva, and was a professor of theoretical physics at the Universities of Valencia and Barcelona.

Rolf Tarrach has published more than 100 papers in theoretical high energy physics, quantum field theory, and quantum mechanics and has written two books on quantum information theory. He has been honoured with a honoris causa degree from the University of Saint Petersburg Russia, and he is the recipient of eight official prizes. He was Dean of the School of Physics and Vice-Rector of the University of Barcelona.

Rolf Tarrach is the former president of CSIC Madrid (the Spanish Scientific Research Council) and a former member of the European Union Research Advisory Board, of the European Heads of Research Council group which he also chaired and of the 5-year assessment panel of experts of the European Commission. He is a former member of the Board of Telefonica of Catalonia and has been a coorganiser of the first three Euroscience Open Forum meetings in Stockholm (2004), Munich (2006) and Barcelona (2008). In 2008 he became the President of the Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) and was the Vice-chair of the jury of the French “Initiative d’excellence” in 2011-12, which he is again (2015-2017).

Professor Tarrach continues to be a professor of Physics at the University of Luxembourg. He has been a Council Member of the European University Association (EUA) for ten years.

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