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Prof. David Drewry
Professor David Drewry was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Hull from 1999 to 2009. He was educated at Queen Mary, University of London and has a Doctorate in Geophysics from Cambridge University. He was previously Director-General, the British Council (1998-99); Deputy Chief Executive, Natural Environment Research Council (1994-97); Director, the British Antarctic Survey (1987-94); and Director, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University (1983-87). He was visiting scientist at US Geological Survey, Denver, USA, and visiting Fellow at Green College, Oxford University. He is currently Visiting Professor at the University of London and Xiamen University, China. He is a Trustee of the Natural History Museum, London. 

His research interests are (i) glaciology, climate change, (ii) the polar regions – science and politics, (iii) higher education policy – leading and managing universities and governance issues.

David Drewry was Chair of the European Geophysical Union's Agassiz Medal Committee; served on the Executive Council of the European Science Foundation and the European Committee on Ocean and Polar Science. He was President of the International Arctic Science Committee and Founding Chairman of Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs. He has a mountain and a glacier named after him in Antarctica.

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