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Therese_ZhangThérèse Zhang is the Deputy Director for Higher Education Policy at EUA. She works on topics related to higher education learning and teaching, including developments in the Bologna process, lifelong learning, digitalisation and internationalisation.

Thérèse has over ten years of experience in higher education policy/management and, more generally, project management in education and culture. When she first joined EUA in 2008, she worked in the field of quality assurance/management and institutional development, with responsibilities in projects such as Examining Quality Culture, Rankings in Institutional Strategies and Processes, and the organisation of the European Quality Assurance Forum. She was also the Programme Manager for the Institutional Evaluation Programme, and was involved in the development phase of EUA’s Council for Doctoral Education. More recently, she held the position of Project Manager at the Belgian French-speaking quality assurance agency, AEQES, where she was in charge of coordinating evaluations and contributing to the Agency’s working group on evaluation methodologies. Her earlier experience includes serving as a French teacher for several years.

Thérèse holds master degrees in Romance Philology and in European Studies as well as a teaching diploma from the Université catholique de Louvain, in Belgium. She completed part of her studies at the University of Bologna, Italy. She also spent a year as Visiting Researcher at Brown University, United States, focusing on postcolonial studies and francophone literature. 

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