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EUA Solutions

EUA Solutions is a new tailored service created to assist a wide range of higher education institutions and stakeholders on particular issues. Designed to complement EUA’s existing membership services, EUA Solutions is based on a flexible, on-demand approach to specific requests from universities, decision-makers and national authorities seeking support for change processes and policy development.

At the core of our competitive advantage lies a unique combination of strengths:

  • In-depth sector knowledge: extensive expertise in shaping European policies in higher education and research;
  • European perspective: the largest, most comprehensive university network in Europe, representing over 800 institutions;
  • Peer-to-peer approach: a wide network of internationally experienced higher education experts.

The services offered under the EUA Solutions brand range from thematic analyses and strategic studies to consultancy and specialised expert advice in key areas of focus. The methodology is adapted as required to fit the specificities of the assignment, and to lead towards collective and individual solutions for systemic or institutional change. 

EUA Solutions_Logo_RGBFor more information about EUA Solutions and to discuss specific requirements, including the cost of the activity, please contact us.

EUA Solutions
114, Rue du Rhône, Case postale 3174
1211 Geneva 3, Switzerland

We offer services adapted to the specific needs of higher education institutions and other organisations active in the higher education sector to meet challenges in a range of strategic areas. We provide:

  • Specialised expert advice and consultancy services focused on particular issues such as internal quality assurance, organisation of doctoral schools, internationalisation and communication strategies, Bologna implementation, lifelong learning, and student tracking;
  • Thematic analyses and strategic studies;
  • Support for decision-makers and national authorities for policy development in higher education.

Our portfolio of previous activities includes:

  • Targeted reviews:
    - the Bologna Unit of the Swiss rectors’ conference (2007)
    - the Université de la Grande Région/Universität der Großregion (UniGR), a cross-border network of universities located in the French Community of Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg (2012) Report
     - Université Paris Est Créteil Val de Marne (UPEC) (2013)
    -  Wageningen University PhD programme (2015) Report 

  • Audits:
    - audit of research activities across several institutions in Grenoble, France (2005)
    - audit of the merger of the three universities in Strasbourg, France (2008-2009)

  • Reviews of national quality assurance agencies:
    - ARACIS, the Romanian Accreditation Agency (2008)
    - Hungarian Accreditation Agency (2001)

  • System or policy topic analyses:
    - analysis of the Portuguese higher education system at the request of the Portuguese Rectors’ Conference (CRUP) (2013) Report
    - Medical education and clinical training in Portugal (2001)


EUA Solutions uses a flexible methodology, typically based on the following core elements:

  • Background material provided by the commissioning organisation presenting and analysing the current situation;
  • A site visit carried out by a team of experts from across Europe, selected from our extensive network for their knowledge and experience in the target area;
  • A comprehensive report with specific recommendations.

Our approach will be adapted as required to suit particular needs and the specificities of the assignment. All services will be carried out on a non-profit, full costing basis. Total fees will depend on the exact requirements of the assignment.


“Portuguese higher education has been in transition for some time, following an OECD report in 2006 and a coordinated evaluation by EUA. A number of Bologna reforms were passed into law, but their implementation has been compromised by the financial crisis and the ensuing austerity measures.

By 2012, it was clear that a fundamental re-think of the HE system was necessary. CRUP invited an EUA expert team, drawn from Spain, Switzerland and UK, to offer a “view from the outside”. The EUA team’s recommendations provided a powerful stimulus to the domestic debate on the future of the Portuguese higher education system, to which the government is now responding.”

Portuguese Rectors’ Conference

“We asked EUA to assess our network and provide recommendations regarding strategic and sustainable development, strengthening cooperation among the universities, and improving international visibility. The report gave us an excellent basis on which to define our future strategy and also prompted us to consider some elements of the European policy debate, which we had not previously considered.”

Université de la Grande Région/Universität der Großregion

For more information on this evaluation, please refer to their website.

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