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EUA Webinar: “The way forward for Doctoral Education”

After a long consultation, the EUA Council for Doctoral Education is publishing Taking Salzburg Forward, a document concerning new challenges for Europe’s universities in doctoral education.


27 April 2016

  • Doctoral education is vital for the future of research, but are universities equipped to train researchers for the future? Doctoral graduates today will enter a world of research that is much different from that of their supervisors; it will be more open, more digital, more global, and it will entail new ethical challenges.

    In the last decades, European universities have reformed provision and taken institutional responsibility for the quality of doctoral education. What is the status of these reforms today, how can we take them forward, and what are the new challenges? This EUA Webinar looks at these questions in relation to a new document from the EUA Council for Doctoral Education, giving recommendations for the present and the future of doctoral education, under the title “Taking Salzburg Forward” – referring the essential Salzburg Principles and Recommendations, which have been at the basis of the reform.

    The Webinar presents the document and asks experts in the field about where doctoral education is going, inviting all participants to a debate about the future for research training.

    The Webinar has taken place on 27 April at 14:00 CEST. 


    Denis Crowley - Innovation in education, EIT and MSCA, DG Education and Culture, European Commission

    Melita Kovacevic, Chair of EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE), University of Zagreb

    Karen Vandevelde - Research Affairs Department, Ghent University

    Lucas Zinner - Center for Doctoral Studies, University of Vienna


    Thomas Jorgensen –Head of Council for Doctoral Education, EUA

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