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EQUIP focus group: ESG 2015 impact, challenges and solutions

The focus group aims at verifying and further consolidating the evidence collected about the implementation challenges of the ESG 2015, sharing good practice, and discussing approaches to solving these challenges.

Hosted by WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Vienna, Austria

2 - 3 March 2017

  • This one-day focus group will take place on 2 to 3 March 2017 (lunch to lunch) and is organised by EUA in the framework of the EQUIP project ‘Enhancing quality through innovative policy & practice’.

    Sessions of the focus group will explore:

    - Challenges in meeting the expectations of the ESG 2015
    - Different approaches to quality with the ESG and other tools
    - Potential solutions and case examples

    Participants will benefit from the opportunity to discuss in depth in small groups some of the practical challenges in dealing with quality assurance on a daily basis, and exchange ideas with peers from across Europe on how to approach these issues. A draft programme can be found here.

    The EQUIP project partners will use the outcomes of the focus group to develop a study examining the implications of the ESG 2015 and innovative approaches to putting quality assurance into practice, and to produce recommendations to individual stakeholder groups.

    EUA invites participants with the following profile:

    - Representative of EUA member universities 
    - A profile of institutional leadership and senior management staff with responsibility for quality assurance
    - Knowledgeable about quality assurance and the ESG 2015
    - Awareness of quality assurance frameworks in the EHEA
    - Commitment to actively participate in the full programme

    Registration for this event is now closed.

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