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USTREAM peer learning seminar: Policy frameworks for efficiency and effectiveness

This peer learning seminar will explore the existing policy frameworks for efficiency and effectiveness in higher education and the ways in which institutions have developed strategies to address these policy priorities.

Hosted by Universities UK , London, United Kingdom

1 - 2 June 2017

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    The first USTREAM peer learning seminar dedicated to policy frameworks for efficiency and effectiveness will take place on 1 and 2 June 2017 in London, UK. Organised by Universities UK (UUK), the seminar will focus on the policy framework in which efficiency and effectiveness has been approached with the UK, and the ways in which institutions have developed strategies to address these policy priorities. The experience gained in the UK will provide the background for the reflection and discussion of the following questions:

    • What are the drivers for policy makers, and the levers and mechanisms used to stimulate action? How do government and funders work within the framework of a highly autonomous sector to address the efficiency agenda? And how can the university sector as a whole respond to these challenges?
    • How are efficiency and value for money strategies developed, and what are the key factors underpinning a successful strategy? How are targets, data and benchmarking used to drive improvement, and what is the role of university boards in overseeing efficiency and value for money? How do senior leaders assure boards that strategies are being effectively implemented?
    • How are annual value-for-money reports created and used, and how do these provide assurance to funders and government?


    Participants will share good practices and strategies, discuss challenges and pitfalls, and explore the impact of efficiency measures on higher education institutions. They will be able to benefit from

    • Cutting-edge experience and technical knowledge shared by peers and experts in efficiency
    • Exchange of good practices and networking
    • Contribution to the design of national and European policies on a topic of importance for the sector


    The seminar will bring together ca. 20 university leaders and senior managers experienced in the design, implementation or evaluation of efficiency oriented activities. The event will be of special interest to rectors, vice rectors, or other members of the universities’ leadership team, registrars, heads of administration, finance and HR services, and deans, as well as public officials at national higher education ministries and controlling agencies overseeing efficiency related matters. 

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