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10th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting

Digitalisation: A game changer for doctoral education?

What is the impact of digitalisation on doctoral education? The annual meeting will discuss the changing role and practice of research training in digital societies and universities.

Hosted by Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia

15 - 16 June 2017

  • The 10th edition of the EUA-CDE Annual Meeting highlights the impact of digitalisation on the role and practice of doctoral education. Societies in general, and universities in particular are facing a transformation brought by the proliferation of digital technologies. For universities, this requires considering the impact of digitalisation on their different missions and doctoral education has an essential role to play given the crucial role of doctoral candidates and early-stage researchers in ensuring the base for knowledge production in the digital era.  

    The meeting will highlight different perspectives on the changing role of doctoral education in the context of digitalisation, offering concrete examples across different disciplines to show how doctoral schools are adapting their practices to keep up with digitalisation. Doctoral candidates and early-stage researchers find themselves at the forefront of the digital transformation of research and the skills they acquire will be essential for their future careers, be they in academia or in key positions in other fields. The meeting will also explore how universities can develop policies to support and guide young researchers in their endeavours in a coherent and responsible manner.

    The programme of the Annual Meeting is structured around a series of plenary sessions, fostering exchanges between institutional leaders, the doctoral education community, academics from different disciplines, as well as policy makers and industry representatives. while a series of parallel sessions will enable the EUA-CDE community to share their experiences. In addition, there will be ample opportunities for further exchange, reflection and networking throughout the event

    EUA-CDE Annual Meetings have become the largest and most comprehensive gatherings of academic leaders and professionals working on doctoral education and research training in Europe. Last year’s event, for example, welcomed 230 participants from 111 institutions in 26 countries. Open to everyone working in this field, the annual meetings offer EUA-CDE members an opportunity to build new partnerships with European and national policy makers, funding organisations, quality assurance agencies, global partners and other relevant stakeholders.

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  • About the host

    photo banner Unversity Tallin 2Tallinn University is the youngest among all universities in the capital cities of Europe. It was founded only in 2005 as a merger of different universities and research institutions in Tallinn. Since then, it has been growing quickly and now has a student body of over 9,000 students (with 5.5% of them international), and over 900 employees, including more than 400 researchers and lecturers. The University consists of six institutes, two regional colleges, five centres of excellence, eight research centres and 13 support units. Academic institutes are competence centres in their specific fields and are active both in research and teaching.

    Tallinn University, as a university in Estonia, offers and develops education and research focusing on the needs of Estonia as a society. Given the new trends in higher education, the University also values internationalisation. One in ten academic staff members comes from abroad and the number of foreign students and the University’s contribution to international research increases yearly.

    Tallinn University is a partner in 14 European Union regional programmes, and a coordinator in one of them - Learning Layers. It also coordinates and partners the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 and has contracts with 55 partner universities from 30 countries and over 400 Erasmus+ partnerships. Tallinn University is a member of five international higher education networks and its researchers and academic staff actively participate in their professional networks.

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    All photos of the 10th EUA-CDE Annual Meeting , hosted by Tallinn University are available here

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