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Digital Europe

Brussels Event: The importance of openness for sustainable knowledge societies

‚ÄčThe European University Association (EUA) and Digital Europe are organising a joint breakfast event in Brussels to discuss open societies, protectionism and the future of knowledge mobility.

Digital Europe premises, Brussels, Belgium

27 September 2017

  • The idea of an open global economy is under attack. For decades, there has been wide consensus that an open, rules-based, international order would create wide-spread prosperity and ensure progress. And it did, to a point. Supranational institutions like the EU or multilateral organisations like the WTO bear witness to the amazing accomplishments resulting from tearing down barriers. Now, bilateralism and even protectionism are gaining currency across the world. It is therefore vital to remind ourselves why openness is important for business and civil society alike, and to reinforce the arguments why we need an open world to sustain our knowledge-powered societies.

    This breakfast event will present concrete examples of the deep international dynamics that are at the basis of two fundamental sectors, the digital technology industry and the university sector. The aim is to stimulate a discussion and awareness about tangible benefits of an open world to the knowledge society at large. It will also be a unique possibility for cross-sector networking and dialogue for anyone interested in innovation, technology, and the role of knowledge in society.

    The event will be held as a moderated panel discussion.

    Registration is now closed. We reached the maximum capacity. 

    For more information, please contact:
    Kivanç Akil, Events and Office Executive

    Digital Europe premises
    14 rue de la Science, 1040 Brussels

    Digital Europe - EUA


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