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EUA Policy Event

The universities’ recommendations for an efficient and ambitious FP9

EUA is organising the event: “Excellence in research, innovation and education: The universities’ recommendations for an efficient and ambitious FP9” hosted by MEP Christian Ehler, Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy.

European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

9 November 2017

  • The ambition for the next EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9) should be to enable Europe to address the grand technological and societal challenges it faces, retain its talent and keep its global position of a leading hub for research and innovation. To achieve that aim, FP9 must support significantly more excellent research and innovation proposals and respond to important challenges remaining despite the overall success of  Horizon 2020: underfunding of excellence and lack of efficiency; geographical imbalances; the need for a stronger alignment of policies for education, research and innovation.

    The event will showcase the contribution of universities – the single largest group of participants to Horizon 2020, with nearly 40% of both applications and Horizon 2020 funding – to the solution of the grand technological and societal challenges and allow participants to discuss possible solutions to the following issues:

    • How can FP9 effectively bridge the participation gap and ensure that it taps into Europe’s full research potential?
    • How can the EU create the conditions to increase the leverage of research outcomes for society?
    • Why is it crucial to better articulate policies for education, research and innovation and what are the concrete benefits for Europe in this respect?
    • What does ‘more EU investment in research’ mean in practice? How can funding instruments and processes be improved to ensure FP9 delivers in the most efficient way?

    Practical answers to these issues lie with the people who themselves produce research and multiply the value of EU funding. University researchers and research managers will share their experiences with Horizon 2020, elaborating on the impact and added value of their projects funded through the programme. They will explain the challenges faced in the development, negotiation or management of the projects and offer recommendations on how to further improve modalities of EU research funding in the post-2020 period.

    The main themes for discussion reflect the current debate from the perspective of universities: fostering research excellence through intensified collaboration and reduced disparities throughout Europe; synergies and alignment of European policies for education, research and innovation; and adequate, long-term funding instruments supporting efficient programme management and research activities.


    The EUA Policy event will be held on Thursday 9 November, 09:00-11:00 and it will be followed by a networking drink
    The event will be hosted by MEP Christian Ehler, Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
    Room JAN 6Q1, Altiero Spinelli Building, European Parliament, Brussels

    Participation to the event is open to all interested actors and is free of charge. Prior registration is required and for security reasons individuals who do not have a European Parliament access badge must provide ID information.

    The detailed programme will soon be available.

    Any enquiries about the event should be sent to EUA (



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