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Promoting Collaborative Doctoral Education for Enhanced Career Opportunities

Hosted by The Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KVAB), Belgium
30-31 January 2012

PalaisDoctoral Education in collaboration with businesses and other non-university partners, Collaborative Doctoral Education, has become an established practice in many European countries. Thesis and doctoral programmes in this framework are proving to be an effective way to facilitate the employability of doctorates in the broad non-academic labour market that benefits from specific skills acquired through research.

The conference will present main findings of the DOC-CAREERS II project which has been looking at how universities work with their regional partners in establishing and taking forward research collaboration in the framework of doctoral education. The outcomes of the previous DOC-CAREERS project served as a basis to explore further different models of collaborative doctoral education.

The project has identified a number of case studies reflecting good practices in Europe and tested the feasibility of organising regional workshops as one way to foster collaboration between universities and businesses/enterprises or between universities and other external partners. This Final Conference will be an opportunity to discuss main issues identified as crucial in the development of collaborative doctoral projects and programmes.

The conference will seek to:

  • Discuss key elements for successful doctoral collaborations such as the establishment of relations with external partners, joint supervision, status of doctoral candidates, trends on intellectual property rights and the regional context of the labour market and professional expertise/skills requirements.
  • Share main findings of the DOC-CAREERS II project and consider its recommendations.
  • Raise awareness and discuss outcomes that point out towards an emerging European culture in University-Industry research partnerships.
  • Present new European added value initiatives in collaborative doctoral education.
  • Discuss ways forward for collaborative doctoral education together with European policy makers.

Further information on the DOC-CAREERS II project is available here.


The conference should be of interest to university leaders and researchers (vice rectors of research or postgraduate education, directors of doctoral schools, directors of doctoral programmes, university thesis supervisors, researchers doctoral candidates), as well as company leaders (CEOs, vice-presidents of research, researchers), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), employers interested in collaborative doctoral education, and senior policy maker from regional, national and European bodies.

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