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First Arab-Euro University Conference on Higher Education

Hosted by the University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
30-31 May 2013 


The University of Barcelona (UB), the Association of Arab Universities (AARU) and the European University Association (EUA) announce the First Arab-Euro University Conference on Higher Education.

The conference will consider specific themes in Arab-European collaboration and compare recent higher education developments in both regions, including internationalisation. The main topics to be discussed are the following:

  • Higher education development trends in Europe and the Arab World
    - Comparability and equivalence of higher education systems: Bologna as an example
    - Employability: cultural, social and economic perspectives
    - Research and doctoral education
    - Internationalisation of higher education

  • Towards enhanced higher education collaboration between Europe and the Arab World

The discussions will follow two introductory keynote speeches on:

  • Strategies for enhancing cooperation between our universities in a changing world through dialogue, understanding, and exchange of knowledge,

and two introductory presentations about the nature and history of the AARU and EUA, delivered by  their respective Secretary Generals.


Participation in the conference is open to rectors, vice chancellors and presidents of universities or to their delegates from both regions and will allow for networking as well as bilateral and multilateral meetings and the signature of collaboration agreements.

Organised and hosted by

University of Barcelona in cooperation with AARU and EUA




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