Initial evaluations

IEP evaluates higher education institutions in the context of their specific goals and objectives with the aim of improving quality.

The evaluation begins with a self-evaluation process conducted by the institution, followed by two site visits by an evaluation team, and is concluded with an evaluation report by the evaluation team highlighting good practices identified and providing recommendations for improvement.

An IEP evaluation examines the institution as a whole and not the individual study programmes or units. Recommendations and insights are provided on the institutions’ structures, processes, policies and culture, to enable them to perform the full range of their activities in line with their strategic plans and objectives, and build the capacity to address change processes.

In addition, institutions registering for an IEP evaluation have the option to select a special focus for more in-depth analysis and recommendations.  This focus is approached within the context of a full institutional evaluation, but will be given special attention throughout the evaluation process. Two topics for special focus are currently offered:

  • special focus on internationalisation
  • special focus on management of research and use of research results

Institutions registering for an IEP evaluation may either sign up for:

  • an initial institutional evaluation with the possibility of requesting a follow-up evaluation one to three years after the initial evaluation or
  • a “combined package”, in which they already commit to a follow-up evaluation at the start of the process. By committing to the full evaluation cycle, the continuity and momentum of the IEP process will be ensured and institutions will maximise the impact of the evaluations. A reduced fee which includes both evaluations, is offered when registering for the combined package.

When an institution signs up for a combined package.

  • it is asked to indicate when the follow-up evaluation is to be carried out (one to three years after the completion of the full evaluation)
  • an initial evaluation will be carried out at the institution following IEP’s regular procedure (see the Guidelines for institutions).
  • a follow-up evaluation will be carried out according to the timeline agreed at the beginning of the process and following the regular procedure for IEP follow-up evaluations (see Follow-up evaluation: Guidelines for institutions and evaluation teams).

More information on the process for all types of evaluation is available in the section Participating in IEP and in the Guidelines for institutions.