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Council of Europe website to promote a Network for Higher Education and Democratic Culture

17 December 2006

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On 22-23 June 2006 the Council of Europe held its second Higher Education Forum, on the role of higher education for the promotion of democratic culture. The Forum adopted a Declaration and set up a web-based platform for the exchange of information and examples of good practice. The platform also offers the opportunity of becoming a member of this network for any higher education institution as well as other institutions, associations or organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, which are involved in higher education policy, provided that they support the principles of the Declaration and undertake activities to promote them. Since June the platform has been visited by over 2000 users and over 30 higher education institutions and stakeholder organisations have registered as members of the network. Other interested organisations are invited to visit the website to learn more about this initiative and to register their as members. Further information on how to join the network is available on the website (see direct link below).

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