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Publication: EU competition policy in action

26 January 2018

Making sure that all companies have the opportunity to compete on their merits when they do business in the EU is one of the core tasks of the European Commission.

The Commission prevents mergers and acquisitions from creating companies that may grow too large for comfort and checks that government subsidies do not give a competitive advantage to some at the expense of others. It fights secret cartels and businesses that take advantage of their market power to undermine rivals.

Enforcing these competition rules brings tangible benefits to just about everyone living in the EU; yet not everyone knows what the Commission does as a competition authority and why. This is why the Directorate-General for Competition published "EU Competition Policy in Action".

In addition, if you wish to know more about the work of Europe's competition authority, DG Competition encourages you to invite one of their experts who would be happy to meet your students, teachers and staff and talk about their work.

Please email your invitation to, with a description of your planned event and the kind of audience you expect. Please be informed that all invitations will be considered, but they may not be able to accept all of them.

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