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French Prime Minister asks EUA to establish Lifelong Learning Charter for Europe’s Universities

17 December 2007

Following the recent adoption of the new French university law, Prime Minister, François Fillon invited university leaders from EUA to take part in a high-level debate on the future role of universities in society.

The meeting held on Friday (14th December) at the Sorbonne, Paris will be used to help the French government develop its higher education priorities for its Presidency of the European Union in the second half of 2008.
The French Prime Minister and the Minister for Higher Education and Research Valérie Pécresse both presented at the meeting, as did the President of the European University Association, Professor Georg Winckler. Equally, the Presidents of the 34 National Rectors Conferences that are members of the EUA were invited to take part in the event.
Outlining his vision for the role of universities in European society and in the development of the European labour market, Prime Minister Fillon asked EUA to establish a Lifelong Learning Charter for Europe’s universities.
Responding to the Prime Minister, Professor Georg Winckler, EUA President stressed that EUA would take up his challenge to develop a Lifelong Learning Charter for Europe’s universities: “This proposal could not be more timely, and EUA will be focusing on the development of the lifelong learning mission of universities in a number of activities over the years to come, but in particular in our Autumn Conference in 2008 at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam."

I promise that we will use this major European event to discuss and develop the Charter, and to ensure that it is supported by our member universities.

It is expected that the Charter requested by the Prime Minister will be presented during an informal meeting of European higher education ministers in November 2008.

Click here to read Professor Winckler’s speech.

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