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EUA launches 2010 Trends project

18 December 2008

EUA is pleased to announce that it has launched its latest Trends survey of higher education institutions that will be used for its 2010 edition of the Trends in European Higher Education Report.

The findings and conclusions of the Trends 2010 report will make a direct contribution to the discussion on the achievements of the past decade of the Bologna Process, of the challenges lying ahead and of the priorities to be set for the future.

The report will be discussed widely within the university community as well as with Ministers of Higher Education and other key stakeholders at a major conference that will take place in Vienna in March 2010. In order to analyse effectively the impact of the Bologna process on the daily reality of higher education institutions across Europe, it is essential that as many institutions as possible respond to the questionnaire.

If you have not yet received a questionnaire or if it has been misplaced, then please contact us at

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