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EUA response to Ministerial Communiqué from the Bologna process meeting in Leuven/Louvain la-Neuve (28/29 April)

29 April 2009

EUA welcomes today’s (29 April) Ministerial Communiqué on the future of Bologna process and higher education cooperation in Europe. The Communiqué, adopted by Ministers of Education from the 46 countries who participate in the process, will provide the basis for the future of European higher education cooperation when the current framework ends in 2010.

EUA welcomes the fact that the Communiqué underlines the importance of maintaining the existing stakeholder approach post 2010 – which means that students, universities, business, in tandem with governments, will share responsibility for the development of future reforms and cooperation. This approach has provided opportunities for universities, through EUA, and other higher education institutions to take a leading role in policy development, and this should be built upon in the future.

EUA also welcomes the fact that the Communiqué takes up many of the key points stressed in its recent Prague Declaration to Ministers. In particular, the Communiqué underlines the importance of increasing the quality and quantity of mobility in Europe, together with many of the other key issues underlined in the EUA Declaration including taking forward lifelong learning, notably through the take-up up of EUA’s Lifelong Learning Charter, and improving researcher careers.

“We welcome today’s (29 April) Ministerial Communiqué from the Leuven/Louvain-la-Neuve meeting,” said EUA President Professor Jean-Marc Rapp. “It is vital now that we consolidate the already significant achievements of the Bologna process. The future of European higher education can only be built by the unique partnership model invented by the Bologna process – which involves all stakeholders. As implementation becomes the key issue, and moves deeper and deeper into institutions making the European Higher Education Area work in practice, this unique model will be the key to future success. This meeting has also underlined the crucial role universities will play in providing high quality study programmes that are relevant for a wide range of learners,” he added.

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