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Bologna Global Policy Forum – 29 April 2009

07 May 2009

For the first time as part of a Bologna Ministerial Summit, Ministers of education from the 46 European countries participating in the Bologna process were joined by Ministers or heads of delegation from 15 countries from Africa, Asia, America (North and South) and Australasia as part of a ‘Bologna Policy Forum’.

During the forum – which highlighted the growing interest in the Bologna process outside of Europe - participants took part in a debate on international higher education cooperation and partnership with a long-term view to developing and enhancing links between the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the rest of the world.

Following an exchange of views about how these countries saw the development of EHEA, a statement was adopted by all participants. It notes that all countries recognise the importance of public investment in higher education and its importance in sustainable economic recovery. It also underlined the importance of global sharing of knowledge, and the importance of ‘fair recognition of studies and qualifications’ for enhancing mobility.

“We note that transnational exchanges in higher education should be governed on the basis of academic values and we advocate a balanced exchange of teachers, researchers and students between our countries and promote fair and fruitful ‘brain circulation’ ”, the statement reads.

Noting the commitment to long-term collaboration – through for example the organisation of joint seminars – the Ministers agreed to hold a similar Forum during the next meeting in Vienna in March next year.

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