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EUA President addresses European Ministers for Research (4 May 2009)

07 May 2009

EUA’s President, Professor Jean-Marc Rapp this week addressed Research Ministers from across Europe attending an informal meeting of the EU’s Council for Competiveness in Prague.

Professor Rapp contributed to a high-level debate on relationship building between the main public and private actors in European research. This is the first time an EUA President has been invited to address the Competiveness Council and he told Ministers this was an important gesture in bringing forward Europe’s universities as stakeholders in the policy-making dialogue on creating an effective European Research Area.

The meeting, which followed the Bologna process meeting of higher education Ministers in Belgium last week, enabled Professor Rapp to underline the different areas of EUA’s ongoing work to improve the attractiveness of research careers in Europe, notably through its contribution to improving doctoral studies – the third cycle of the Bologna process.

Highlighting the principal issues taken up in EUA’s Prague Declaration, Professor Rapp urged Ministers to invest in education and research (particularly in this time of economic downturn) to avoid losing the present generation of young researchers, and to tap the ‘unused potential’ in Europe by stepping up commitments to lifelong learning. He also underlined four specific areas of EUA’s work that would be crucial to the future competiveness of Europe’s research:

• Increasing partnerships in research and innovation – embracing the open innovation model – particularly through the Responsible Partnering initiative
• Opening the horizons of research careers (in both public and private sectors) and the quality of researcher mobility, through the EUA DOC-CAREERS project
• Creating platforms for dialogue with key actors – notably through the EUA Council for Doctoral Education

• Mobilising universities as research institutions to address 21st century major challenges such as energy through EUA's newly-established European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research.
Please click here to read Professor Rapp’s speech.

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