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EUA calls for Europe’s universities to participate in the EUDIS survey on income diversification

28 May 2009

EUA is pleased to announce the launch of a major new survey within the framework of its project 'European Universities Diversifying Income Streams' (EUDIS).

The project is the second part of EUA’s work on financial sustainability, and follows on from 'Towards Full Costing in European Universities', looking at how Europe’s universities are diversifying their income streams and how this process impacts upon their governance and management. 

EUDIS aims to map the status of income diversification in European universities and seeks to provide useful examples of best practices. It will promote the institutional perspective on the topic of funding, with a view to informing national and European policy makers on how best to facilitate a judicious diversification of income streams. It will offer a unique opportunity to study this issue in these uncertain times of economic downturn.
EUA would like to encourage European universities to take part in this survey in order to gather as much evidence as possible in this area.
More information and access to the survey here.
The survey will remain open until 10 September 2009.

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