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Debate on the Role of European Foundations in Building Human Capacity in Research

16 December 2010

Under the succinct title of “Nurturing Talent”, the European Forum on Philanthropy and Research Funding (in which EUA is a partner) held its fourth Conference hosted at the Robert Bosch Stiftung in Stuttgart, Germany, from 7-8 December 2010.

Organised by the European Foundation Centre (EFC), the European Forum seeks to promote a favourable environment for foundation and private philanthropy activities through exchanging experiences, best practices and developing cooperation on research funding.

EUA contributed a plenary session to the conference on how to create the right conditions for foundations and universities to work together in ensuring the best environment for nurturing talent. Chaired by Dr John Smith (EUA Deputy Secretary-General), the session explored how partnerships between foundations and universities can successfully develop human research capacity from the doctoral to the professorial level in cutting-edge research fields.

Dr Sijbolt Noorda (EUA Board member and President of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, VSNU) and Professor Rolf Tarrach (Rector of the University of Luxembourg) presented their views on key roles for foundations in nurturing talent through their potential to support “risk-taking” research and invest in “out of the box” ideas and approaches. Emphasis was placed on the potential for private foundations to support more research offering long-term rather than short-term perspectives including international cooperation and exchange across universities.

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