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EU Council Conclusions on the role of education in the implementation of 2020 strategy

24 February 2011

During this month’s Education, Youth, Culture and Sport meeting of the EU Council (which brings together European ministers responsible for education), a series of conclusions were adopted on the role of education and training in the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy.

These conclusions underline the crucial role of education in reaching the wider EU 2020 goals and also call for greater efforts at the national levels to reach the ‘EU headline targets’ i.e. reducing the number of early school leavers to less than 10%, and increasing the proportion of 30-34 year olds having completed tertiary or equivalent education to at least 40%.

Given education is a sector that depends highly on the existence of universities, colleges, schools not to mention students, teachers, parents etc. and the world of associations and charities at all levels, EUA notes with concern the lack of focus in the conclusions on the need to involve civil society in reaching all these goals.

Download the conclusions here.

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