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Report from the Strategic Global Forum on Doctoral Education

09 June 2011

The Strategic Global Forum on Doctoral Education held in April at Aarhus University, has resulted in a common document outlining the main points discussed at the meeting.

The Global Forum consisted of a group of about 45 university leaders and experts in doctoral education from 31 countries on six continents, who spent two days discussing the role of doctoral education and the global research community. The report reflects the great number of common issues concerning doctoral education that are being discussed worldwide. It underlines the need to stimulate diversity through broad access to knowledge across the globe as well as the need to build capacity globally through sustainable mobility and strategic collaboration across borders and sectors.

The document particularly emphasises the need for a constructive dialogue with a range of non-university stakeholders in the private and public sector, and stresses the crucial role that public investment has played in the development of doctoral education in many parts of the world.

The report can be downloaded here.

The EUA Council for Doctoral Education is currently holding its Annual Conference at the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain). The meeting will focus on how universities can support the development of talented young researchers embarking on a PhD by implementing structures and creating conditions aimed at promoting creativity and innovation in doctoral education. A report on the meeting will feature in the next EUA newsletter.

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