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Commission lists priorities for 2012

17 November 2011

The European Commission this week adopted its 2012 Work Programme, “Delivering European renewal", which highlights its priorities for the next year. The Programme and accompanying annexes include a number of initiatives which are planned in the area of higher education and research.

These initiatives include:

  • a forthcoming communication on “rethinking skills in the context of Europe 2020”, which will look at basic skills and transversal competences in lifelong learning policies;
  • the “Framework for the European Research Area”, which aims to provide the basis for achieving strategic policy coherence and coordination between EU and Member States, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the European research system by exploiting the potential for cross-border synergies and complementarities;
  • a communication on “enhancing and focusing international cooperation in research and innovation”, which will set out detailed objectives, criteria and operational principles for implementing, enhancing and focusing EU international cooperation actions under the Common Strategic Framework for Research and Innovation.

Looking ahead to 2013, the Commission plans a communication focusing on the internationalisation of higher education. It will also seek to set up a “Youth on the Move card”, which will aim at facilitating mobility and participation of young people in Europe. The Youth on the Move label could be granted to pre-existing youth cards that meet the EU criteria on the matter.

To read more, please visit the Commission website or read the Commission's press release here.

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