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EUA ‘TRENDS 2015’ project to map key HE developments in Europe

14 November 2013

The European University Association is launching the 7th in the series of its flagship TRENDS projects, which undertake a detailed analysis and mapping of developments in Europe's changing higher education landscape.

EUA has been conducting the TRENDS projects, and the resulting reports published since 1999, with a view to feeding an institutional perspective into European higher education policy discussions, and improving exchange and networking among and support for European universities. Over time, EUA’s TRENDS reports have become crucial sources of information and reference works for policy makers and the higher education community alike.

With the structural changes of the Bologna Process now largely concluded, the TRENDS 2015 project will focus on how Bologna and various other changes that have taken place in higher education in recent years contribute to fostering new forms of learning and teaching. 

For these reasons the new TRENDS project will concentrate on issues such as the student body, staff development, academic programmes and the development of e-learning, whilst ensuring sufficient continuity with previous surveys to allow for a continued long-term analysis of key European Higher Education Area developments.

As with past TRENDS projects, a questionnaire will be addressed in the coming weeks to the leaders of EUA member universities, with a separate questionnaire circulated among national rectors’ conferences in order to map national-level developments. This will be followed up in 2014 with thematic focus groups and telephone interviews.

The results of the project will again be published in a report, which will be presented to European Higher Education Ministers at the next Bologna Ministerial Conference in Armenia in 2015.

More information on the TRENDS 2015 project will be published in the future through the EUA website and newsletter.

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