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IEP launches coordinated evaluations in Montenegro

15 November 2013

The Ministry of Education in Montenegro has commissioned EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) to carry out coordinated evaluations of higher education institutions during 2013-2014. These evaluations are funded by a broader World Bank supported project entitled “Higher Education and Research for Innovation and Competitiveness” (HERIC), with the overall objective to strengthen the quality and relevance of higher education and research in Montenegro.

The institutions that will be evaluated by IEP in the framework of this coordinated exercise are:

  • University of Montenegro, Podgorica
  • University Donja Gorica, Podgorica
  • University Mediterranean, Podgorica
  • Faculty of Business and Tourism, Budva
  • Faculty of Mediterranean Business Studies, Tivat
  • Faculty of Management, Herceg Novi
  • Faculty of Business Economics, Bar
  • Faculty of Business Management, Bar
  • Faculty of State and European Studies, Podgorica
  • Faculty of Management in Transport and Communication, Berane

Each evaluation will follow the IEP philosophy and methodology, which offer an improvement-orientated approach, focusing on the context of the institution’s own mission and profile.  In addition, IEP will prepare a system review report based on outcomes from individual evaluation reports and supporting material. This system review report will highlight shared issues and challenges of higher education at system level, and provide recommendations aiming to contribute to capacity building and improvement of the national higher education environment. The main findings of this system review report will be shared and discussed during a post-evaluation workshop, to be held by the end of 2014.

On Friday 15 November, a training workshop aiming to prepare participating institutions in the institutional evaluation process takes place in Podgorica, as the first step in the evaluation process in Montenegro. In attendance at the workshop are representatives of the participating institutions, the Ministry of Education and the Council for Higher Education in Montenegro. A step by step explanation of the IEP evaluation process is provided by the IEP Secretariat, with further contributions coming from an evaluation team chair and an institution that underwent an evaluation last year, in order to explain the evaluation procedure from different perspectives. 

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