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IEP concludes evaluations of 70 HE institutions in Romania and presents system-level report

13 November 2014

EUA’s Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) has recently completed one of its largest external evaluation exercises. 70 Romanian higher education institutions (HEI) have taken part in IEP evaluations over the last three years in the framework of two projects managed by UEFISCDI, the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding of the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport.

To mark the end of the projects, which included a wide range of Romanian HEIs including both specialised and multidisciplinary institutions, a final conference was organised in Bucharest on 31 October 2014.

The event was an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss the project outcomes and for IEP to present the Romanian system-level report, which analyses and synthesises the findings and recommendations of 70 evaluations undertaken by IEP and includes a set of policy recommendations from IEP for policy makers in Romania.

The findings of the report entitled “Ten priorities for Romanian higher education” were presented by the report’s author and Senior Adviser Andrée Sursock to an audience of around 120 representatives from Romanian HEIs. The conference saw the participation of: the Romanian Minister for Education, Mr Remus Pricopie; Director of UEFISCDI Mr Adrian Curaj; EUA President Professor Maria Helena Nazaré; and Professor Lothar Zechlin, Chair of the IEP Steering Committee. The priorities outlined in the report cover a wide range of areas including funding, research capacity, student-centred learning and internationalisation.

More information is available in the full report which can be downloaded here.

For more information on the IEP Programme, please visit: Further details of the event on the 31 October are also available (in Romanian) on this website.

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