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Responsible Partnering: Science and Business Research Collaboration in Europe Today

11 December 2014

Over 60 representatives from different research stakeholder organisations (including universities, industry, research and technology organisations and public authorities) gathered in Brussels on 3 December for a workshop on the theme “Responsible Partnering: Science and Business Research Collaboration in Europe Today”, jointly organised by EUA, the European Industrial Research Management Association (EIRMA), and the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO).

responsible partnering event 2014Since 2004, the “Responsible Partnering” Initiative has brought together major pan-European stakeholder organisations involved in research and innovation, which have been working in establishing main overarching principles and policy recommendations in the field of collaborative research. The workshop on 3 December was an opportunity to take stock of the initiative and for participants to discuss, and exchange on, current practice in science-business collaborations and the collective needs of universities, RTOs and companies at EU level.

The morning session comprised a series of presentations on recent developments in research collaborations from the perspective of different stakeholders, followed by a number of case studies.

Three panel sessions in the afternoon were dedicated to looking at key issues for the future of responsible partnering from a number of different perspectives including the financial aspects and the influence of new developments such as Science 2.0.

A variety of topics were addressed by the panels and in subsequent discussions with participants such as public-private partnerships; key factors for maintaining  partnerships, commitment  and mutual trust; interdisciplinarity;  and assessing/measuring and demonstrating impact in innovation.

The partners of the Responsible Partnering initiative now plan to analyse and reflect on the workshop presentations and discussions in order to look at how they can take this initiative forward in the future.

From EUA’s perspective, its involvement in the Responsible Partnering initiative is part of its ongoing work on university-business research collaborations which include a new self-assessment tool and also three publications that have recently been launched to support universities in this area.

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