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Occasional paper on trends in internal quality assurance

10 September 2015

EUA has published a new report examining current European trends in quality assurance (QA) in higher education. The report “ESG Part 1: Are universities ready?” outlines what is known about the current status of implementation of each standard of Part I of the current Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European higher education area (ESG).

The ESG were recently updated, with the revised version having been approved by the Bologna ministerial meeting in May 2015. Some of the changes introduced are bringing forward new expectations for institutions and therefore the paper focuses on the new elements and reflects on the aspects that may prove challenging for the near future.  

While much of the evidence shows a good level of implementation of the ESG, the paper highlights a number of areas that are likely to require further attention from institutional leadership and QA managers. These include the need to link QA with strategic management, the need to demonstrate implementation of student-centred learning, and the need to develop robust measures for reviewing programmes. 

The paper concludes with a reminder that “one of the principles for quality assurance in the EHEA is its role in supporting the development of quality cultures” and notes that the ESG should provide impetus for this by encouraging institutions to involve all actors in QA in order to foster an institution-wide commitment to quality.

The full paper can be downloaded here.

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