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Brexit: Funding issue clarified for EU students applying to study in UK

20 October 2016

The UK has provided an important update on the status of EU students in connection to Brexit. EU students applying for the 2017-2018 academic year in universities in England, Scotland and Wales will be eligible for student loans and grants for the duration of their degree course (Northern Ireland has not yet issued such assurance). The arrangement also guarantees that these students, who may be in the midst of their studies when the UK leaves the EU, will still be able to finish on the same terms as students from the UK.

This follows similar guarantees issued in August of this year for Horizon 2020 funding, by which research projects continuing beyond the UK’s departure from the EU will be supported.

EUA welcomes these developments, as the Association works to ensure that Brexit will not damage the important student mobility and research collaborations between the UK and the EU. 

EUA President, Rolf Tarrach, applauded the latest news, “The announcement gave the higher education sector much-needed clarity and has shown that the government acknowledges the value of EU students. We hope that this points to an understanding that we need to preserve student mobility between the UK and the rest of Europe.”

This statement was made in a joint press release from EUA and Universities UK (UUK). Both agree that European and international students are a valuable part of cultural and academic life on British campuses. As plans develop for a post-Brexit Britain, a commitment is needed to ensure that students from Europe are able to continue to study in the UK without unnecessary bureaucratic burdens. 


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