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EUA responds to EC proposal for Copyright Directive in the Digital Single Market

18 November 2016

EUA welcomes the European Commission’s (EC) recent proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market, yet stresses the need for further clarification and dialogue to make European copyright efficient, future-proof and innovation-friendly.

As outlined in a recently published statement, EUA views the proposed Directive, issued by the EC on 14 September 2016, as an important step towards more modern copyright laws for the digital age, fair remuneration of authors, and more transparency and balance in the publishing system. EUA particularly appreciates the three mandatory exceptions for research based on text and data mining (TDM); for cross-border off-site education; and for the preservation of cultural heritage. In line with EUA’s February 2016 response to the EC’s December 2015 communication on a modernised framework for copyright, EUA urges the EC, the European Parliament and the Council to implement seven recommendations for the benefit of education, research and innovation in Europe.

In order to clarify the proposed Directive, EUA’s Expert Group on “Science 2.0/Open Science”, chaired by former EUA Board member Professor Jean-Pierre Finance, formulated these seven recommendations. “The current proposal remains silent on open access to publications, data, and teaching materials, while easy accessibility would improve the quality of research and stimulate its valorisation in academia and beyond,” says Finance.

“Providing innovators, educators, students and researchers with more legal certainty on the rights and duties linked to the use of materials is a seminal step forward,” explains Professor David Drewry, EUA Vice-President and Chair of the Research Policy Working Group (RPWG). “However, we need to foster collaboration among citizens, researchers outside academia and fledgling commercial organisations, like spin-offs and start-ups, thus the exception for TDM has to be broadened.”

To see the “EUA response to the European Commission proposal for a Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market,” please click here.

To see the Commission “Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on copyright in the Digital Single Market,” please click here.

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