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Call for hosts: EUA-CDE thematic workshop and annual meeting

23 February 2017

The EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) is pleased to invite member institutions to answer calls to host its 2018 thematic workshop and annual meeting.

cdeEUA-CDE is the European voice for doctoral education, actively promoting collaboration and exchange of good practices on issues of common concern. A yearly cycle of events brings together this community of academic leaders and professionals working on doctoral education and research training in Europe. As an event host, EUA member institutions have the opportunity to welcome and learn from this community while showcasing their own work in this field.

The thematic workshops offer EUA-CDE members a platform to collaborate and exchange practices related to current trends and future challenges in doctoral education. The January 2017 edition attracted almost 140 participants from nearly 90 institutions in 25 countries. To apply to host the January 2018 edition, please see the dedicated call.

The CDE annual meetings are the largest and most comprehensive gatherings of academic leaders and professionals working on doctoral education and research training in Europe. The June 2016 edition welcomed 230 participants from more than 110 institutions in 26 countries. Open to anyone working in the field, the events offer EUA-CDE members an opportunity to build new partnerships with European and national policy makers, funding organisations, quality assurance agencies, global partners and other relevant stakeholders. To apply to host the June 2018 edition, please see the call. In even years this is a three-day event including a global strategic forum welcoming academic leaders and professionals from other parts of the world. 

Institutions interested in hosting one of these events in 2019 or beyond are also welcome to send applications at this time.

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