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Education ministers emphasise role of education in social inclusion

23 February 2017

At the meeting of the Council of the EU, which took place in Brussels on 17 February 2017, education ministers discussed the role of education and training with regard to social inclusion.

In their conclusions they recall the importance of education policy in fostering social inclusion and respect for diversity in the European Union and emphasise the need for a holistic approach covering all education levels. In this regard, ministers also highlighted the importance of concrete actions to address the needs of teachers facing the increasing diversity in education institutions. 

Through its work with members, EUA understands that the topic is becoming increasingly important. This was also confirmed by participants in the recent EUA webinar on social inclusion. Through initiatives like the Refugees Welcome Map and the Open World campaign, EUA shows how universities are actively committed to integrating diverse groups. Another example of this is the EUA-led EFFECT project that looks at methods of higher education teacher development, which are also important in addressing the needs of a more diverse student body.     

EUA will monitor further policy developments on the topic of social inclusion at the European level and is currently working to further enhance its activities on the topic based on a holistic approach covering teaching and research.

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