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Copyright for Education Campaign up and running

20 April 2017

Communia, an association advocating for policies that expand the public domain and increase access to and reuse of culture and knowledge, is campaigning for a copyright reform fit for education in the digital age.

Its online Copyright for Education Campaign will run until 14 May 2017 and is set in the context of the European Commission’s proposal for a copyright directive in the Digital Single Market.

EUA is actively promoting modifications to the Commission’s proposal. According to its updated response (February 2017) EUA is asking, among other things, for a mandatory exception that allows research organisations and individual researchers to distribute scientific publications, data and teaching materials through their own channels, such as repositories.

“The initial proposal of the Commission remains silent on Open Access to publications, data and teaching materials,” explains Jean-Pierre Finance, Chair of EUA’s Expert Group on Science 2.0/Open Science. “While easy accessibility would improve the quality of teaching and research, it should not impede the work of universities where teaching and research inseparably intertwine.” The Expert Group has been active on copyright reform since early 2016.

Communia’s campaign aims at creating an education system that is collaborative and open. It intends to collect petitions from educators throughout Europe to let members of the European Parliament know that stakeholders in the education sector need better copyright laws. EUA collaborated with Communia and 33 other organisations in a joint letter on copyright reform for education in February 2017. 

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