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Last chance to participate in the TRENDS 2018 survey

01 June 2017

The deadline for responding to the TRENDS 2018 survey is 5 June 2017. EUA encourages all European universities and higher education institutions to participate, as an opportunity to share their experiences and voice their needs.

TRENDS 2018 will focus on learning and teaching policies and practices in European higher education institutions. From EUA’s current work on this topic, it can be observed that developments at European and national levels need to be better mapped to accurately reflect European universities’ realities and concerns. The ongoing TRENDS 2018 survey will be a cornerstone of EUA’s work on this topic. It will bring an updated set of data, feed into ongoing and future initiatives, and contribute to informing institutional reform agendas and European governmental reforms.  

The preliminary results of the TRENDS 2018 survey will be presented and discussed in a keynote session during the first European Learning & Teaching Forum, which will take place from 28 to 29 September in Paris. As a mark of thanks for the time taken to complete the survey, one survey participant will be selected at random and offered a waiver of the Forum’s participation fee. 

To participate in the TRENDS 2018 survey, please click here
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