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EUA and IUA release the agenda for the second USTREAM peer learning seminar

13 July 2017

Organised by EUA and the Irish Universities Association (IUA) in Dublin on 4 and 5 December 2017, the second USTREAM peer learning seminar will focus on national and institutional approaches to the delivery of efficiency in higher education institutions.

Inspired by the Irish national and institutional practices, the first day of the seminar programme will explore national level initiatives implemented in response to national policy objectives. The focus in the second day will change to institutional initiatives undertaken to address the efficiency agenda and examine some of the collaborative, sectoral based approaches across the areas of administrative support, research and teaching & learning as well as some institutional specific initiatives.

The seminar will offer opportunities for peer learning and exchange of experience as well as networking and contribution to policy making at European level. Interested university leaders and managers as well as policy makers are invited to apply for participation in the seminar by 18 September 2017.

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