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EUA opinion poll on the impact of new simplification measures introduced for Horizon 2020

07 September 2017

As a follow-up to its 2016 Horizon 2020 member consultation, EUA is calling its members to share ideas on how to make the administration of EU-funded research projects less complex and resource intensive, by 23 October 2017 (deadline extended).

In the course of 2017, the European Commission announced and implemented a set of measures aiming at simplifying the administration of projects supported by Horizon 2020. In particular, changes reflected in the Model Grant Agreement include among others the introduction of “lump sum” project funding and new provisions for the “additional remuneration” scheme.

Against this background, EUA is launching a poll to consult its members on how to further reduce the complexities of participation in Horizon 2020 and limit any potential “unintended consequences” of the changes implemented by the policy makers. This is designed as a follow-up to the EUA member consultation on the Horizon 2020 mid-term review, albeit in a much simpler and shorter way. 

The questionnaire consists of four series of questions covering (i) institutional accounting practices; (ii) lump sum actions; (iii) cascading grants and (iv) additional remuneration. EUA is seeking the input of its members on the advantages and potential pitfalls of these mechanisms as well as practical ways for their further improvement. 

University research and finance teams are invited to provide their input feeding into the technical discussions on the funding modalities of the EU-funded research projects. The ongoing discussions will support the development of the new rules for participation in the next EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation. 

The results of the poll will be discussed at an expert meeting convened by EUA in October this year with the aim to explore possibilities of a wider acceptance of institutional accounting practices in EU research funding jointly with university managers, national and private funders, as well as the EU policy makers from the European Commission and the European Court of Auditors. This is part of the larger EUA campaign on “EU funding for universities” which is reaching a critical point as negotiations on the next framework research and innovation research programme (FP9) are entering a new phase.

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