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Universities are ready to contribute to the Future of Europe

07 September 2017

In the past months, the European Commission has issued a series of papers on the future of Europe, including a White Paper on what the governance model and tasks of the Union should be, and several reflection papers on how the EU should deal with immediate, serious challenges such as the need to deepen the social dimension of Europe and harness globalisation.

Two issues seem clear from these papers on governance, European social models and globalisation: 1) EU institutions and investments need to be fit-for-purpose, enabling strong action in areas that Europeans want to face together; 2) the EU needs to meet common problems with concrete initiatives, and here, education, research and innovation are a crucial part of the solution to the challenges we face.

On 13 September, the President of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, will give his annual speech on the State of the Union outlining his view on the present situation of Europe and provide an outlook for the year to come. On this occasion, EUA has produced a statement which underlines how universities are ready, as unique institutions, to contribute to the future of Europe and be a partner for policy makers and society.

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