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Effective simplification for FP9: EUA kicks off informal dialogue with major stakeholders

19 October 2017

As part of its continuous effort to advance the simplification agenda, EUA convened an informal stakeholder meeting on the simplification of the future Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9) in Brussels earlier this month.

The EUA member consultation on the Horizon 2020 mid-term review concluded that “despite the progress in simplification in some areas, Horizon 2020 is still associated with a high administrative burden at all stages of application, participation and project administration. Questions related to staff costs and accounting methodologies have yet to be solved.” In practical terms, these challenges are reflected in a high number of errors that beneficiaries make while reporting on their direct and indirect costs in Horizon 2020.

In an attempt to re-focus the ongoing policy discussions on more impactful and effective simplification scenarios, EUA has launched an informal dialogue with the key players inviting them to discuss the possibility of a broader acceptance of nationally recognised institutional accounting and management practices in FP9. Participants of the first meeting, including high-level representatives of the European Commission and the European Court of Auditors, selected national R&D funders, as well as a group of experienced university administrators, exchanged their views on the potential impact and feasibility of such measures. 

EUA is currently collecting further evidence on institutional accounting and management practices applied by universities for the administration of Horizon 2020 projects. University research and finance teams can still provide their input by taking part in the EUA survey on various aspects of simplification (open until 26 October). The survey results will be channelled into the policy debate on the participation and funding modalities of the future Framework Programme with a specific aim to improve cost coverage and eligibility of costs for academic beneficiaries. In this respect, the next opportunity for EUA to share the universities’ feedback will be the upcoming Stakeholders Workshop on ideas for further simplification of the implementation of the R&I Framework Programmes organised by the European Commission.

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