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EUA publishes statement for EU institutions and National Governments on Open Science

27 October 2017

The EUA Council adopted on 27 October a political statement on Open Science. The document includes key messages from the university sector addressed to EU institutions and national governments, with a view to contribute to the faster development of an open scholarly knowledge exchange system.

The statement focuses particularly on prioritising open access to research publications and to research data, and in creating adequate framework conditions for the re-use of research outcomes produced as a result of publicly funded research. The messages addressed to EU institutions and national governments cover different areas, including infrastructure, skills and capacity building, researchers’ engagement with open access, research assessment approaches and legislative developments that are likely to have a profound impact in research activities in the next years.

EUA President Professor Rolf Tarrach said: “European Universities believe that Open Science is the way forward to tackle effectively global challenges, such as the Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, multidisciplinary research is essential to provide insights leading to effective solutions for our societies. The Open scholarly system of the future should provide easy and affordable access to knowledge in all disciplines. EUA is committed to support universities in this endeavour but we need the strong support from their national governments, as well as from the EU Institutions”

This statement has been developed together with EUA’s High Level Group on Big Deals and the Expert Group on Science 2.0/Open Science, chaired by Professor Jean-Pierre Finance. It follows from the recommendations EUA provided to its membership on Open Access to research publications and on research data management and text and data mining. It has also been informed by the results of previous EUA Surveys on Open Access.

The Chairman of EUA’s Expert Group on Science 2.0/Open Science, professor Jean-Pierre Finance, remarked: “We hope this statement can contribute to accelerate the implementation of open access to research outcomes across Europe. Open access and open science are critical in increasing the competitiveness of European research and innovation.”

The specific messages and needs presented in the statement reflect the good level of awareness of open science in European universities. It is a sign of the engagement of the 800 universities and 33 National Rectors Conferences in EUA taking the necessary steps towards making open access a reality; it further calls on EU institutions and national government to step-up their efforts in developing an open and transparent scholarly knowledge exchange system.

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