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Save the date – upcoming inHERE webinars on supporting refugees in European higher education

09 November 2017

The inHERE (Higher Education Supporting Refugees in Europe) project continues its series of webinars hosted by the project partner, the University of Barcelona. Its aim is to share innovative approaches from a range of European institutions and organisations, as identified by the inHERE good practice catalogue, and discuss concrete measures to facilitate the integration of refugees in higher education institutions.

The previous online events focused on legal concepts for university projects targeting refugees, and on recognition of prior learning. Recordings of previous webinars are available on the project website. The upcoming events of the series will feature the following themes:
  • “Access to Higher Education” on 15 November 2017 will showcase university initiatives on facilitating access to higher education and on financial support for refugee students. 

  • “Preparatory Courses” on 13 December 2017 will share university experiences about planning and implementing preparatory, bridging, language and online courses.

  • “Socio-economic Integration” on 10 January 2018 will contribute to the discussion about integration measures, as well as employability support for refugee students.

  • “Overarching diversity management” on 7 February 2018 will showcase strategic and collaborative initiatives and discuss how to translate bottom-up initiatives for refugee inclusion to the strategic, central university level.

  • Registration for each webinar will open approximately one week before the scheduled event via the project website.

    The inHERE project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme and brings together UNIMED, EUA, Campus France, the University of Barcelona, Sapienza University, and the UNHCR as associate partner.

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