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EUA responds to Digital Education Action Plan

25 January 2018

On 17 January 2018, the European Commission issued its “Digital Education Action Plan” – the EU’s first major intervention in the field of digital education since the 2013 “Opening up Education” Communication. The Plan proposes concrete measures, such as establishing a Europe-wide platform for digital higher education and enhanced cooperation, a digital connection between universities’ information systems and a European student card.

EUA welcomes the Plan as it demonstrates a commitment to digital education and calls for government support to further develop and enhance digital learning – a practice most European universities have introduced in recent years.

In its response, however, EUA invites the Commission to share more information about the proposed Europe-wide platform for digital higher education, the digital connecting of information systems and other planned measures. These are ambitious and complex objectives whose success requires the expertise, practical experience and active involvement of European higher education institutions. To this end, EUA has recommended that the Commission look to the Association as a source of advice and expertise. 

For more details about the Action Plan and EUA’s reaction, please refer to the EUA response paper.

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