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EUNIS 2018 Rectors’ Conference, 26-28 April, Porto

12 February 2018

EUNIS and the University of Porto take great pleasure in inviting Rectors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Provosts, Vice Chancellors and other senior leaders from Higher Education Institutions to join the EUNIS 2018 Rectors’ Conference.

This conference, entitled University 5.0 – Bridging people and technology, is the sixth edition of a series of EUNIS Rectors’ Conferences started in 2003 in Paris, followed by a second event also in Paris and three subsequent conferences in Prague (2012), Helsinki and Espoo (2014) and Krakow (2016). 

The main title of this conference “University 5.0” mirrors the ongoing developments in the industry and aims to reflect on the implications of the close connection between people and technology in higher education strategy, policies, and governance. It will provide an excellent debating and networking forum to discuss and anticipate the impact of the latest developments in information technology and their role in enabling higher education institutions to succeed in a cooperative and competitive globalized world.

The themes of the Conference will be:

  • I. Driving change in leadership and management
  • II. The autonomous classroom: Is it the future?
  • III. Building online trust and transparency
  • IV. Enhancing the student experience

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Registration is open - early bird fee until 28 February

For more information, please contact the conference organisers:

European University Association (EUA)

Brussels office:
Avenue de l’Yser, 24
1040 Brussels
Tel: +32 (0) 2 230 55 44

Geneva office:
114, Rue du Rhône
Case postale 3174
1211 Geneva 3
Tel: +41 22 552 02 96