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University Autonomy in Europe: Trends, Benefits, Challenges and Threats

22 March 2018

EUA and Universities UK will organise a two-day workshop on “University Autonomy in Europe: Trends, Benefits, Challenges and Threats” hosted by the University of Leicester on 23-24 April 2018.

Over 20 speakers from across Europe will prompt a lively debate on the importance of autonomy for university success. Together with the participants, they will reflect on some of the threats to autonomy and the impact these have; consider the role of policy makers in shaping university autonomy; and identify some clear recommendations based on the discussions.

EUA will plan the discussion based on the update of its Autonomy Scorecard, released in spring 2017, which highlights the multifaceted challenges to university autonomy today. EUA President Rolf Tarrach and several EUA Board members will contribute by sharing their experiences as university leaders alongside their peers from the UK and continental Europe. The discussions will also involve policy-makers for an inclusive approach to the topic.

Registrations for the event are open. Please find the programme and registration information on the event page.

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