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EUA Newsletter 5   11 March 2011

Getting to grips with rankings - A high-level seminar for European university leaders (17 June 2011, Brussels, Belgium)

Over the last 18 months, EUA has been carrying out a comprehensive review of major international university rankings. Universities are increasingly confronted by a plethora of ranking and classification initiatives – both at national and international level. While many university leaders have reservations about rankings, their methodologies and criteria, there is a growing recognition that such initiatives are here to stay.


Research has also shown that, despite their acknowledged shortcomings, rankings are having an increasing impact on decision-making in universities across Europe. It also seems clear that there will be more, not fewer ranking initiatives in future. This is why EUA has decided that there is a need to take action on behalf of the 850 universities it represents by carrying out a review of global university rankings that will be of assistance to university leadership by shedding light on the different approaches adopted by the various international rankings.


This new report, the first in a series, will be launched and presented to leaders of EUA member institutions at a special one-day seminar to take place on Friday 17 June at the Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels.


The aim of the event is to:

• present the review and its findings as a means of improving knowledge and understanding among university leaders of the different purposes and methodologies of the various international rankings
• provide a platform for an open debate on ranking methodologies and their strengths and weaknesses with the goal of improving future practice and encouraging consideration of alternative approaches to enhancing transparency
• gather feedback from the university community on the effectiveness of this pilot project and consider topics for inclusion in further editions of the Review of Rankings. 


The event will begin with a detailed presentation of the report by author Professor Andrejs Rauhvargers. This will be followed by panel sessions involving different European/national stakeholder organisations and leaders of European universities who will debate the findings of the review.


Please note that participation in the seminar is by invitation only. Invitations to EUA members have been sent directly to the Executive Head of the institution (President, Rector, Vice-Chancellor Pro-Vice-Chancellor). If your institution has not received an invitation or you would like to register your interest to take part in this event, please send an email to


To find out more, please visit the conference website.


Photo © The Bibliothèque Solvay. All rights reserved.

Policy and Projects News

EUA Research Policy Working Group debates the new 'FP8 Green Paper'

At its recent meeting on 3 March, the EUA Research Policy Working Group held a debate on the new “Green Paper” consultation launched by the European Commission entitled “From Challenges to Opportunities: Towards a Common Strategic Framework for EU Research and Innovation Funding”.
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Shaping Inclusive and Responsive University Strategies (SIRUS) Project Final Seminar on Lifelong Learning

The fourth and last seminar of the SIRUS project with 29 universities from across Europe, selected through an open call in 2010, took place from 24-25 February at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.
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Fifth EUIMA - Full costing workshop contributes to discussions on reforming the higher education funding system in Austria

The fifth workshop of the EUIMA-Full costing project was organised in Vienna on 28 February in cooperation with the University of Vienna and Universities Austria. Over 100 representatives from important Austrian stakeholder institutions gathered at the event, including the senior leadership of universities, the minister for science and research, the former minister of financial affairs, research funding organisations and other higher education specialists.
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Events News

Registration still open for the EUA Annual Conference in Aarhus, Denmark (13-15 April)

EUA will celebrate its 10th Anniversary at its Annual Conference to be held at Aarhus University in Denmark from 13-15 April 2011. The conference provides the opportunity to take stock of what EUA has achieved so far and will launch discussions of future priorities and the most important milestones for the next decade. The theme of the conference is talent development – a topic of high relevance for the future competitiveness of Europe.
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News from Brussels

New Eurydice Publication - Adults in Formal Education: Policies and Practice in Europe

Drafted in the context of the European Commission's Action Plan on Adult Learning (2007-2010), Eurydice has published a new report that looks at education and training opportunities for under-qualified adults and also covers policies and measures for enhancing the participation of adults in higher education.
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Member and Partners News

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