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EUA Newsletter 10   23 May 2014

Last chance to register for the 7th EUA Council for Doctoral Education Annual Meeting, Liverpool, UK (19-20 June 2014)

Registration for the 7th Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) that will take place from 19 to 20 June at the University of Liverpool in the UK will be open until 4 June. The theme of this year’s event is “Doctoral Education: Thinking globally, acting locally”.


Photo: © Christine Sick Doctoral education is becoming a global endeavour. Universities and their research activities are becoming increasingly intertwined across continents, the number of doctoral graduates has risen drastically over the last decade, and global mobility has reached the point where some universities, or whole national systems, have close to half of their doctoral candidates coming from abroad.


Investments in research are rising and so is the competition for resources, not least for talented doctoral candidates. Meanwhile, universities and researchers are looking for partners all over the world to strengthen their research and to gain access to resources such as funding, talent and infrastructures.


The conference will examine global trends in doctoral education, the local implications of these trends and the ways in which universities operate in an increasingly international environment. It will combine plenary sessions and parallel working groups consisting of paper presentations to allow broad sharing of practice and ideas. There will also be open spaces for debates and exchange and the possibility to make concrete proposals to contribute to the future activities of EUA-CDE.


The Annual Meeting of the EUA-CDE is open to EUA-CDE members and non-members alike and aims specifically at opening discussions between different stakeholders such as university leaders, researchers, political decision-makers, funding organisations, quality assurance agencies and all others interested in the development of doctoral education. To register, or find out more information, please click here.


Photo: © Christine Sick

Policy and Projects News

Collection of selected papers from the 8th European Quality Assurance Forum published

The European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF) has been organised by the E4 Group (ENQA, ESU, EUA, and EURASHE) since 2006. The last Forum in 2013, held at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, showed once again that quality assurance professionals derive significant benefits from meeting and exchanging ideas with their colleagues from various national and organisational backgrounds.
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European ‘Presidential debates’ and candidates’ priorities for higher education and research

As outlined in the last EUA newsletter, ahead of this week’s European Parliament elections EUA has recently written to the European political parties that have nominated candidates for the next President of the European Commission and who have been taking part in a number of public debates and events, including a televised debate that took place in Brussels on 15 May.
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Events News

2nd EUA Funding Forum, University of Bergamo, Italy (9-10 October 2014)

EUA is pleased to announce that registration will soon open for its 2nd Funding Forum, taking place at the University of Bergamo in Italy from 9 to 10 October. The event is aimed at all higher education funding stakeholders – including university leaders and managers, researchers, students, public authorities, public and private funders and partners.
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News from Brussels

‘U-Multirank’ online ranking tool launched in Brussels

On 13 May the “U-Multirank” online tool was officially launched at a press conference held in Brussels.
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Outcomes of the Council of the European Union Education, Youth, Culture and Sport meeting

European Ministers meeting at this week’s Education, Youth, Culture and Sport meeting of the Council of the European Union adopted conclusions on “quality assurance supporting education and training”.
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Member and Partners News

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