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EUA Newsletter 12    2 July 2010

EUA Annual Conference: Diversities and Commonalities – the changing face of Europe’s universities, Palermo, Italy (20-23 October 2010)

EUA is pleased to announce that registrations will soon be open for its Annual Conference that will take place at the University of Palermo in Italy from 20 to 23 October.


The Palermo conference will explore the evolving nature of Europe’s universities. It will take account of the impact both of external pressures to respond to different demands at the national level and of internal developments, examining the complex interplay of factors shaping the modern university. This includes rapidly evolving legal frameworks and governance structures, covering mergers, partnerships and other arrangements, as well as funding mechanisms and incentives, QA procedures and other accountability requirements, all of which drive convergence or diversity.

Similarly the conference will also consider the attitudes and values by different actors in higher education systems, e.g. policy makers, institutional leaders, academics and external stakeholders who are also important in shaping the development of Europe’s universities.

The key objective is to assist institutional leaders and senior staff in understanding better and in responding to the different pressures they face, in particular to focus and sharpen their specific institutional profiles. It will highlight examples of strategies and practices adopted by university leaders in different contexts and designed to enhance specific institutional missions, as well as to attract and retain high quality staff, cater to diverse student profiles, and consider incentives for developing diverse research strategies and research portfolios. The current economic crisis, increasingly limited financial resources and serious government cutbacks in many countries make consideration of these topics crucial, with many institutions under pressure to make difficult decisions as a result of mergers or other change processes as well as fierce global competition.

Please click here to see the full programme or visit the conference website.

Register now for the Institutional Evaluation Programme: Extended deadline

Registration for the 2010-2011 round of the Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) has been extended until 30 July 2010.

The Institutional Evaluation Programme is designed for universities interested in increasing their capacity for setting and implementing strategic goals, as well as in developing an internal quality culture.
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Policy and Projects News

Meeting Report: German Universities of Applied Science and the 7th European Framework Programme

On 22 June the German Ministry of Education and Research organised a meeting to encourage universities of applied science – with their very specific profile as institutions focused primarily on product oriented research together with industry partners, and specifically small and medium sized enterprises – to step up their involvement in the 7th European Framework Programme.
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‘Universities 2020’ EU Presidency Conference (Salamanca) focuses on doctoral and research schools

Organised under the Spanish Presidency of the European Council, the Spanish Ministry of Education and the European Commission’s Directorate for Research, Innovation and Science, this conference was hosted by the University of Salamanca on the 17-18 June 2010.

It aimed to discuss the role of universities in the EU 2020 strategy in developing links and synergies between the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Research Area (ERA) over the next decade in the context of a knowledge-based economy.
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Final Dissemination Conference of the ‘Access to Success' project on fostering trust and exchange between Europe and Africa, Brussels, Belgium (28 September 2010)

The EC-funded project ‘Access to Success: Fostering Trust and Exchange between Europe and Africa’ aims to bring together universities from Europe and Africa and explore capacity building partnerships, inter-institutional mobility and cooperation. The goal of the project is not only to map institutional and national good practices and identify case studies, but also to establish a better understanding on how institutions shape their missions in response to specific socio-economic contexts and environments.

The final policy and dissemination event for the project will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on the afternoon of 28 September 2010.  
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Events News

Reminder: EUA Experts Conference on Diversifying Income Streams, Bologna, Italy (13-14 September 2010)

In an increasingly competitive environment, Europe’s universities must find a way to become financially sustainable, and cannot afford to wait for the general economic recovery. Following the success of EUA’s first Experts Conference “Towards Financially Sustainable European Higher Education Institutions” which focused on full costing and accounting practices, this event aims at going further by exploring another crucial element of financial sustainability: income diversification.
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Reminder: Call for Contributions for the 5th European Quality Assurance Forum

The 5th European Quality Assurance Forum, ‘Building bridges: making sense of QA in European, national and institutional contexts,’ will take place on 18-20 November 2010 and will be hosted by University Claude Bernard Lyon I, France. As in previous years, the organisers (the E4 Group: EUA, ESU, ENQA, EURASHE) are seeking contributions.
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News from Brussels

EU launches European social dialogue with education workers and employers

The European Commission launched, in Brussels on 11 June 2010, a new social dialogue committee in education with teachers, trainers, lecturers and education authorities from across the EU to tackle challenges facing their sector.
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Member and Partners News

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